Microsoft Dynamics for Customer Engagement is ideal for companies to give customers the best possible experience. They are able to build a long relationship based on knowledge and trust.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you to grow and provides a very good basis for a positive customer experience, effective sales, smart marketing and better service. The Microsoft Cloud solution gives you an excellent insight into your customers and opportunities. The solution is easily accessible, user-friendliness and quick to implement at your company. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fully scalable and will therefore quickly adapt to your market and company size. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM includes the apps Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Marketing and Social.

Overview Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a very complete and intelligent solutions for managing your suspects, prospects and customers. It provides extensive functionality for managing sales opportunities and automate your sales processes. An excellent piece of equipment to optimize sales productivity. The software ensures that your sales department is more productive and supports a positive customer experience . You will gain more customers insight, reduce costs, streamline sales cycles. The “know” intuitive Microsoft interface and Microsoft Office 365 integration ensure that you can quickly get to work.

Customer Service

Field- and Project Service as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensure that companies can provide self service, service support and can deliver service to the customer on location. The leading Microsoft technologies, such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics are a targeted solution and provided the necessary knowledge. This is consistent with the new challenges associated with the changing world of customer service.

Field Service

Field Service solution for Dynamics 365 CRM, focuses on the needs of service providers. It is a solution within CRM for Service Management and focuses on planning, time recording and resources, service, inventory, warranty, KPIs and reports, customer and subcontractors portals, mobility, SLAs, optimization of routes, service agreements, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Return Authorization (RA) and Return to Vendor (RTV) and automating processes.

Field Service:

Project Services Automation

Project Service Automation (PSA) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM helps you to set up quotation and contracts. It supports you in creating and managing the project for your customers after winning the contract . PSA also provides reporting to ensure that the project is feasible and profitable. Projects can be set up on a secondment basis or based on a fixed price (fixed-price).


Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM you have the PowerApp Marketing as an integrated marketing solution for marketing, planning, execution and analysis at your disposal. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM let sales and marketing collaborate effectively. The sales has insight in the marketing activities that are specific to an account or contact. Marketing Staff are able to quickly carry out analyzes and determine the return on your investment on your campaign performance and initiatives.


Microsoft Social Engagement is a Dynamics 365 service that provides your sales, service and marketing teams with powerful online tools. Simply connect to customers, fans and critics through social media. In this way you will find out quickly what people really think about your business.


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