Microsoft rated as the most sustainable company through the use of Artificial Intelligence

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(Source: Business Insider)

Recently voted as the most sustainable company by the non-profit Just Capital , Microsoft is developing innovative ways to combat climate change. Including: a subsidy launched in 2017 that finances the use of Artifical Intelligence and stimulates global warming to be tackled. Microsoft has also released code that can help developers build algorithms for this purpose.

Since the launch of the initiative, 230 grants have already been issued. Microsoft has also made large data sets related to the climate on the Azure cloud available to help AI developers.

This is not the first time that Microsoft uses Artificial Intelligence to tackle climate change. The company provided farmers in India, a country hard hit by rising sea levels and changing temperatures, with AI tools at the beginning of this year to help them produce higher crop yields . There was also more focus in India on ‘smart healthcare’.

Microsoft’s unique climate measures are one of the reasons why it won first place in the Just Capital rankings (founded by billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, Just Capital analyzes corporate social responsibility efforts among 1,000 of the largest US businesses). For example, Microsoft levies an internal ” CO2 tax ” and thereby compensates for $ 15 per tonne of CO2 emissions.

Microsoft has also recently signed the largest solar agreement with a large American company after purchasing 315 megawatts of new solar energy in Virginia.

Artificial Intelligence is already used in making medical diagnoses and combating terrorism. Approximately 74% of the sustainability companies agree that AI will also help solve long-term environmental challenges, according to an Intel study .



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