Vertical Suite for wholesale

The Vertical Suite helps wholesale organizations in the transition to an information and service-oriented organization. Our Vertical Suite helps organizations to make the important transition from a traditional trading company to an information and service-oriented company. It allows you to meet your customer’s needs through shorter delivery times and service that is tailored to their processes. Also, you can easily prove your value what is necessary to developments such as concentration of the buyers side, globalization and margin pressure to cope.

The solution and functional coverage areas

The Vertical Suite for Trade and logistics organizations supports you from financially to supply management and from production to sales. The whole process is covered. Therewith you will have a holistic view to effectively improve the performance of your company. You have the necessary information to make well informed strategic decisions. Also, our solution features a standard Warehouse Management (WMS) which is a fully integrated application in the Cloud. Pairing with an external WMS belongs to the past.

With the suite, you can meet the demands of your customers. After all your customer expect that products are delivered promptly and a personal service is given. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to help trading and logistics organizations with optimal management to meet these changing requirements.


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What we stand for

Our Trade and Logistics Vertical Suite helps you operate in a fully globalized and margin pressured dynamic market. We are your partner in the transition to an information and service-oriented organization.

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