Vertical Suite Offshore Suppliers

The Vertical Suite Offshore Suppliers is ideally suited for international companies that want to quickly and flexibly respond to changing (market) conditions.

The solution and functional coverage areas

The Vertical Suite Offshore Suppliers is a fully integrated solution for the industry based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The suite will help you to have an excellent project monitoring. Your project members have real-time visibility into project agreements and the project file, while project managers can compare the actual spending against the progress, budget and expected expenditures. More work is clearly recorded and invoiced in accordance with the agreements made.

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What we stand for

We have to deal with very challenging and rapidly changing market conditions. Pylades offers a solution for all international companies that want optimal maneuverability. We help you to reduce costs by quickly and flexibly respond to new situations, minimize risks and increase the profitability of your business.

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