Professional Consulting

The Vertical Suite Professional Consulting ensures productivity and profitability.

The Vertical Suite Advisory and Consultancy is designed for a specific niche market within business services. The Vertical Suite Advisory and Consultancy Organizations optimally adapts to the increased number of self-employed workers, the price competition and the changing needs of clients.

The solution and functional coverage areas

The Vertical Suite Advisory and Consultancy Organizations is an integrated solution based on Dynamics CRM and Project Service, to optimize the use of employees. The timesheets and invoices can be run both online and offline portals and apps offer the ability to relevant project information to make its employees available to work optimally together. The Vertical Suite covers the entire process from lead generation to sending the invoice. The Vertical Suite is also equipped with extensive business intelligence functionality that supports the proper management of your organization. Integration with your financial system is of course provided by Pylades.  Logo vertical Suite Advies Consultancy

What do we stand for

Together with our partner Microsoft, we provide a standard software solution that best Advisory and Consultancy Organizations supports the smart use of staff and the optimization of capacity utilization and profitability.

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