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The Vertical Suite for associations: the smartest software for recruiting and retaining members.

The Vertical Suite for associations has been developed specifically for and by Branch and interest groups. The Vertical Suite optimally adapts to the changing conditions for associations. People and organisations are being more critical and evaluate frequently whether a relationship with your organization still is beneficial.

Solution and Functional coverage areas

Pylades biedt the most complete and proven industry solution for Branch and advocacy What Your Members, stakeholders and employees Your best possible Are served and all processes are supported. Within the solution, in addition to the traditional subscription models, new revenue models quickly and flexibly to Target in. You Can Easily and effectively communicate with your members via e-mail, social media, members portals and various mobile applications. Vertical Suite provides sleek and share knowledge Collaborate with your supporters. Pylades biedt the most complete solution for the English market for both small and larger organizations.

De oplossing en functionele dekkingsgebieden

Pylades biedt de meest complete én bewezen brancheoplossing voor branche- en belangenorganisaties waarmee uw leden, stakeholders én uw medewerkers optimaal worden bediend en alle processen worden ondersteund. Binnen de oplossing zijn, naast de traditionele contributiemodellen, nieuwe verdienmodellen snel en flexibel in te richten. U kunt eenvoudig en doeltreffend communiceren met u leden via mail, social media, ledenportals en diverse mobiele toepassingen. De Vertical Suite voorziet in slim kennisdelen en samenwerken met uw achterban. Pylades biedt de meest complete oplossing voor de Nederlandse markt voor zowel kleine als grotere organisaties.

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The Vertical Suite is inter alia used, to be successful by:

What do we stand for

Pylades offers in the Netherlands the most comprehensive standard software for associations. Pylades is the absolute market leader with The Vertical Suite for associations based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We help Branch and interest groups of all sizes with smart software to best serve members and other stakeholders. Pylades has many prominent reference projects. We will be happy make an appointment and show you how your organisation can be more successful by employing the smartest new technology!

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